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how to add widget on LG Ally?

Posted in: Ally,Android,Tips & TricksAugust 24, 2010
how to add widget on LG Ally?

how to add widget on LG Ally?


LG Ally widget,

lg ally widget, add widget on LG Ally

Good morning! Everyone, this is You are sharing this topic of how to add widget on LG Ally.It is not what you are interested in? Let us know what else we can do for you about your LG Ally. More useful information, try this navigation. If you find it can make something difference, take your time and go with these following words. How can we make it to add widget on LG Ally? Follow us.

To add widget on LG Ally:

  • Tap All Programs icon
  • Tap and hold the desired icon until it lifts
  • Release the icon to set it in place

Already done? If you find yourselves can not make any sense of what we have said about LG Ally widget, try this link to view the details.

LG Ally widget:

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