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How to download music files from the Internet to my DROID

Posted in: NewsMarch 16, 2010
How to download music files from the Internet to my DROID


Since I took my Verizon Motorola Droid home, I made great effortson how to master it enough. Yes, the free Verizon Motorola Droid manual for users contributed so much. I find it difficult to download music files from the Internet to the droid. Ok, keep it easy now after reading the following words:

To download music files from the internet directly to your phone’s memory card:

  1. From the applications menu, select Amazon MP3
  2. Find the song you want, then touch Buy
  3. Enter your account details and touch OK

You may also be able to download music from your carrier or other sites.
Launch the browser and navigate to the desired web page

CLICK HERE to learn how to transfer music files from a computer to your memory card.

While this’s only a suggestion. I can’t make sure it can work wonderfully. If any questions you have, we are happy to give a hand. Please leave a comment.-verizon Cell phone problems

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