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how to download ringtones for Samsung Haven?

Posted in: NewsJuly 26, 2010
how to download ringtones for Samsung Haven?


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For the new Verizon Samsung Haven users. If you haven’t found the user guide for your Samsung Haven device to help you handle it, try this useful link and download the user manual now. Today we were asked how to download ringtones for Samsung Haven. Can these words below give you a favor?

Download ringtones for Samsung Haven:

  1. Access the Get It Now shopping menu on the handset.
  2. Select “Get Tones“.
  3. Select the desired ringtone application.
  4. Select the desired pricing option.
  5. When finished downloading the chosen credits or uses, you will receive the message “App installed successfully. Would you like to run it now?” Select Yes.
  6. You are now able to search through the application to locate the specific tone you wish to download. After selecting the desired tone, it will be downloaded to the handset and saved to the local memory on the handset.
  7. Access the appropriate menu on the handset to change the ringer and select the downloaded ringtone as the default ringer.

That’s all what we can provide. If you still are bothered with some trouble, search in this page or let us know.

Samsung Haven photo:

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  • I called samsung about a filetype on the haven. They say it has 56 note polyphonic capibilities, but they say the phone cannot play files with the extention of .mid huh? aint polyphonic midi files? seriously now?

    Comment by Jennifer — September 15, 2010

  • i am so sorry that i can not make any sense of what you have said. please let us know how we can help you clearly

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — September 17, 2010

  • How can I record my own voice as a ringtone on my Sansung Haven?

    Comment by Hilary McDonald — October 16, 2010

  • that is a wonderful question..first save your own voice when you choose your favourite music file. then you can select you own voice

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — October 16, 2010

  • Wondering how to download just one really loud ringtone in my husbands sumsung haven phone.

    Comment by Deb — March 8, 2011

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