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Tips: how to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life

Posted in: Android,Lucid,Top questionsJuly 26, 2012
Tips: how to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life

Tips: how to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life


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Hello, welcome to my blog, LG Lucid VS840 smartphone user. You have clicked to enter here likely because of you really want to get few functional tips to extend and perfect your LG Lucid VS840 smartphone battery life and performance. Ok, your question will get better solutions here now. First, you should have a breif and general knowledge of the LG Lucid VS840 battery feature. You LG Lucid has a 1,700 mAh lithium-ion battery. Its usage time could up to be 8 hours and standby time will up to be 350 hours.

Now, let us explore the extending LG Lucid VS840 battery life arcanum. As we all known, Android smartphone usually takes more battery power to load more apps and show better user interface than other basic feature phone. Therefore, when we say “extend” here, it is just comparatively speaking. We can never exact it beyond its ability.

Tips: how to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life:

  • Drop out or quit these applications or software you are not using

There are apps that automatically sign you in and run in the background at device startup and these can drain your battery quicker than usual. Sign out of these apps when you are not using or disable auto sign in if possible.

  • Control widget usage

Too many widgets which need to update frequently might drain your battery life quickly. We suggest:

  1. Consider having an app shortcut instead of a widget.
  2. Consider using widgets for information that do not update frequently through the internet.
  3. Add widgets that control your device’s radio (e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth) to quickly turn them on and off instead of having to go through the settings options.
  • Use WiFi connection instead of Mobile data (3G/4G)

Mobile data (3G/4G), generally, will need more power than Wi-Fi due to the different access protocol. What is more, using WiFi connection instead of Mobile data (3G/4G) might help reduce mobile data usage in your plan.

  • Turn off radios that are not in use


Stop apps to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life

  • Configure Auto Sync

As a matter of fact, there is no need to automatically sync accounts or settings. We pretty recommand you turn off auto sync ompletely via Settings > Accounts & sync > tap on the slide to the right of Auto-sync so that it says Off.

  • Do not use a Task Killer

Never use a Task Killer app that help you manage smartphone memory. Some task killers may show an application as active and running when it is not and others may even kill applications that prevent normal function of your device (such as the Alarm function or email).

  • Monitor what has been using your battery

From Settings > Power > Battery use to check whether there are few apps you installed but are not using very often or recently which use too much battery life. You might as well uninstall them.

  • Do not let the battery run out. Charge whenever you can


  • Configure your display settings

Generally, Screen and Cell standby are in the top 3 apps for battery usage. To properly manage the display settings might make a big difference. Hence, we advise:

  1. Stay awake: Unchecking this option will allow your device to turn off the screen after a preset time and thus allows your device to charge the battery quicker.
  2. Brightness: Check to use Automatic brightness instead of using manually setting the level.
  3. Sleep: The smaller the time option selected, the quicker the device turns off the screen after the last tap or touch on the screen, which would lead to longer standby time.
  • Keep your device cool

Ok, these tips should make a difference to your LG Lucid VS840 smartphone battery life. While, it all depends on your personal custom, More videos and music, more times surfing Internect and more apps will drain your battery life soon.

You should have any suggestions to extend LG Lucid VS840 battery life, please share to let more users benefit.

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