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how to know my own phone number on Samsung Intensity II?

Posted in: Intensity II,Other,Tips & TricksOctober 19, 2010
how to know my own phone number on Samsung Intensity II?

how to know my own phone number on Samsung Intensity II?


Samsung Intensity II phone number,

Samsung Intensity II phone number

This is Welcome to join in us. Sometimes you need to know your own phone number on your device in case that you forget your number. “But I do not have any idea of how to make it”. Someone said. Just pay attention to these following words. One of our lovers shared his way of getting his own phone number on his Samsung Intensity II. Go with his steps. Ready?

Samsung Intensity II phone number:

  1. You may need to see what phone number is registered to your phone.From the Main Screen, press the OK Key to select MENU.
  2. Press 9 to select Settings & Tools.
  3. Use the Directional Keys to highlight Phone Info, and then press the OK Key.
  4. Press 1 to select My Number, and the phone number assigned to your phone will appear on the screen.

Yes. It is just a dish of cake indeed. But sometimes, however, you may find it difficult to get through. So you will make a difference if sharing with your friends. Now you have mastered how to know own phone number on Samsung Intensity II, and how about your friends?

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