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Tips: how to master reset LG Intuition VS950

Posted in: Android,Intuition,Top questionsOctober 3, 2012
Tips: how to master reset LG Intuition VS950

Tips: how to master reset LG Intuition VS950


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Hi there, LG Intuition VS950 Android 4.0 ICS smartphone user, welcome to my personal blog. Here, let us talk about something of how to perform a factory data reset process for your LG Intuition VS950 smartphone to restore its default settings and data. Please note, factory data reset is an ultra method and only can be used when you have attemped everything but nothing worked to fix the issue. Before you start to hard reset it, necessarily, you should backup the data on your phone.

First, let us view how to master reset LG Intuition VS950 via menu settins. If you are unable to hard reset LG Intuition VS950 via menu settings since the software was frozen or crashed, please try this following factory data reset process via hardware keys.

1. From your Home screen, select Apps.

2. From the Apps tab, select Settings.

3. From the PERSONAL section, select Backup & reset.

4. From the PERSONAL DATA section, select Factory data reset.

Select Factry Data Reset

5. Select Reset phone.

6. Select Erase everything.

7. Tap OK

8. Consult with your quick start guide to initiate the basic setup.

Via Hardware Keys

My Intuition VS950 smartphone was frozen and can not be touched at all, what should I do? OK, calm yourself down, you should try this hardware method:

1. Power off your device.

→ You might need to remove the battery to power off your handset. It won’t delete any data in your phone.

2. Simultaneously press and hold the Power button+Volume down key until the “FACTORY HARD RESET” screen appears then release.

3. From the “FACTORY HARD RESET” screen, press the Power button to confirm.

Press Power to confirm factory data reset.

4. Press the Power button to confirm.

→ It will take you several minutes for the system to execute the factory data reset process. After that, your VS950 handset will reboot automatically.

Press Power button again to confirm

5. Consult with your quick start guide to initiate the basic setup.

OK, that is it. Do not forget to let us know how about your handset preforming now. If you still have any other issues, feel free to contact with me and let me know how to help.

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