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how to master reset Nokia Lumia 822 via hardware buttons

Posted in: Lumia 822,Top questions,Windows MobileJanuary 3, 2013
how to master reset Nokia Lumia 822 via hardware buttons

how to master reset Nokia Lumia 822 via hardware buttons

You looks like a bit upset. You might be suffering from the issue that your new Nokia Lumia 822 not working properly as you expected. Ok, if you are, welcome to my personal blog. Here, we will show you a system hard reset process to master reset your Nokia Lumia 822 smartphone into its factory default settings and data. After this master reset, all these third party app’s registry value will be erased and then your handset will come to its normal standard. Please note that the system hard reset is an ultra method which will delete all the data in your phone and unrecoverable. Hence, you might as well finish the data backup before you start.What is more, this method will unlocked your Nokia Lumia 822 smartphone if you were locked out of device when you forgot the lock code or PIN.

how to master reset Nokia Lumia 822 via hardware buttons

OK, if you have already completed the data backup and got everything ready, please follow as the following steps to master reset Nokia Lumia 822.

Step 1
Make sure the charger is disconnected.
1. Completely power off your handset.
2. Press and hold the Volume down and connect the charger. If succeed, it will show you an exclamation mark (!) on the screen.

(To cancel OS reset and exit to the normal mode, press the Volume Down + Power Key and hold them for 10 seconds).

Step 2
Then press Keys in the following order:
1. Volume up
2. Volume down
3. Power
4. Volume down

Step 3
The phone will reset and boot up automatically. Please note that this may take several minutes.

After the reset complete, your phone will reboot into the factory interface as you take it out of the box. You had better consult with your quick start guide or user manual to initiate the basic setup. If the issue still exist after you master reset, just feel free to leave us a note and let us know the issue details. We would love to help.

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