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How to Reset Samsung Omnia II SCH-I920

Posted in: brandDecember 16, 2009
How to Reset Samsung Omnia II SCH-I920

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Ok, let’s go ahead. We’ll continue to talk about the Samsung Omnia II SCH-I920. Today, why not  we make our topic at how to reset Verizon Samsung Omnia II SCH-I920? According to these following 8 steps, it won’t live up your expectation and work wonderfully.

STEP 1. Soft Reset

A soft reset is a useful tool to use if the device were to lock up or become unresponsive. Much like rebooting a computer, the soft reset will restart the handset without deleting any data stored in either the main memory or my storage. This reset action retains all of your handset’s default parameters and settings.

To perform a soft reset follow the steps below:

  1. Pull up on the area indicated by the arrow (1) then pull the battery cover up and off (2), as shown below

  1. Carefully insert a thin blunt object (such as a stylus) into the reset slot, located on the lower left side, below the OK button
  2. This action will exit the current screen and cycle power to the handset

STEP 2. Hard Reset

STEP 3. Delete Data from My Storage

STEP 4. Clear Data

We get news from Samsung official site. If convenient for you, browse the rest steps yourself.


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