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how to unlock on Verizon Droid X?

Posted in: NewsJuly 18, 2010
how to unlock on Verizon Droid X?

how to unlock on Verizon Droid X?


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Yes, let us still talk something about te new Verizon cellphoneMotorola Droid X. What we have done is sharing the way to setup security lock your Motorola Droid X to protect your personal data and information. While the other side maybe also matter. If you have gotten much troubles unlocking the Security Lock. Find help from the following words:

  • You have the chance to enter a pattern or passcode at least five times. If you failed after five attempts, the phone will prompt you to wait for 30 seconds before you can try again.
  • Press OK or wait for 30 seconds before next trying.
  • When the lock coming back again with a button on bottom right that states Forgot pattern.
  • Tap Forgot Pattern.
  • You will be prompted to sign in using your Google/Gmail account and then to create a new screen unlock. You can skip entering a new security lock.

If you forgot or can’t make sure about your Google password, but you know your Gmail login or Google account name, you can have Gmail send you a password change request link to your other email address through your computer. Click Here for our detailed FAQ on Gmail password reset. Summary of process is below.

  1. Try this link:
  2. From the Gmail login page click on the “Can’t access your account?”
  3. Follow the steps in that guide to recover your Gmail login information. Click Here for our detailed FAQ on Gmail password reset
  4. Once your login information is recovered, please use that information to unlock the handset using initial steps above. If you recently created your Gmail account or changed its password, allow up to an hour to try the new password.Note: You must have had a Gmail account setup on the handset before you locked the handset to reset your passcode through Gmail.

What else we need to refer to. If all setps we have shared can not work. We are sorry to say you might reset your Verizon Droid X to factory settings when you can do nothing but to do anything useful.

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  • My droid phone is lock and i want to ulock it but i dont know how

    Comment by Ivan — February 8, 2011

  • How to unlock motorola droid x with android 2.3.4 , and how to use with other international carrier

    Comment by Aumar — July 15, 2012

  • Droid X has a locked bootloader by Verizon and Motorola. so we might not be able to support you to unlock it to use other international carriers.

    Comment by Roy — July 16, 2012

  • how does one get a droid phone unlocked. its a phone thats been found.

    Comment by anne b — February 28, 2014

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