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how to use the camera on Motorola Droid X?

Posted in: NewsJuly 23, 2010
how to use the camera on Motorola Droid X?


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Enjoying your life. Already gotten a Verizon Motorola Droid X? Do you users take much interest in taking pictures? If you find yourself can not do good jobs with the comera on your  Motorola Droid X, download the free user guide here. Or you can try these following words directly.

How to use the camera on Droid X:

  1. Press and hold the Camera Key on the right side of your device to activate the camera. You can also select the Camera application from your homescreen or applications tray.
  2. Rotate the device to the horizontal position (for landscape orientation) and frame your subject.
  3. There are several settings just from the camera view finder screen
    • Scenes – tap to select a setting for better image capture under different lighting environments: Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night portait, Sunset, Macro, and Steady Shot. camera screen has descriptions of each mode.
    • Effects – tap to apply different color effects on images. Effect modes are: Normal, Black & White, NegativeSepia (for an “antique” look), Solarize, Red Tint, Green Tint, or Blue Tint (inverts the image color),  to apply tints to the image.
    • Flash –  tap for Flash on, Auto Flash, Flash off.
    • Switch to – tap to switch from Camera mode to Camcorder video.
    • Camera Roll – tap the thumbnail in left corner of camera viewscreen to bring up your Camera Roll as see all photos in your Gallery.
    • Tags – at at top of view finder to set Auto-Location/GPS or Custom tags to your photos.
  4. Use volume keys to Zoom in or out.
  5. To take the photo, lightly press the Camera button halfway to focus (focus is complete when green box appears) then press the camera button all the way to take the photo.
  6. If you have review time set, the image you’ve just taken will briefly show on the screen.
  7. You can tap on the image to get these options:
  • To share the photo via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Online Album, Photosharing, Picasa, Print to Retail, Send in email, or Text messaging, Touch Share.
  • To set the photo as a wallpaper, contact photo, or social network profile photo, touch Set as
  • To send the photo to a preset social network, service, or other location, select Quick Upload.
  • To delete the photo and return to the viewfinder, touch Delete.

8.  Thumbnail of the photo you’ve just taken will be in the bottom left of the viewfinder.

That’s all. If you still have much trouble about how to handle your Droid X, try this page to give you a favor.

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