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HTC DNA has new “connect to PC” feature and won’t prompt USB connection type

Posted in: Android,DNA,Top questionsNovember 23, 2012
HTC DNA has new “connect to PC” feature and won’t prompt USB connection type

HTC DNA has new “connect to PC” feature and won’t prompt USB connection type


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Hi there, welcome back to my personal blog, the HTC DNA smartphone users. When you first connected your HTC DNA handset with a Window system computer via the special usb cable, it will pop up a new window and show you “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. How come this issue occured? Next, let us detailedly explore something about the HTC DNA usb driver and USB connection type. There are some pretty nice features we have to mention.

Your new HTC DNA smartphone features the HTC Sense 4+ user interface which enables you to use the new “Connect to PC” feature, and now you can now easily enjoy charging, syncing and disk drive at the same time. Hence, you have no need to choose from the USB connection types like you always do. And when it comes to the HTC DNA usb driver, manufacturer made it installed automatically when connected via a PC at the first time. It therefore emerged that “Device driver software was not successfully installed” issue we referred to at the beginning. Please just ignore it and wait for the HTC Sync Manager auto-run window pop up then click HTC usb driver to have it installed. This process will take about 3 minutes.

HTC DNA usb cable socket

Especially, on some users’ Window XP computers, it might recognize you HTC DNA handset as a camera. It was still caused by the HTC DNA usb driver, please click “CANCEL” in the pop up window. Wait a minute for the installation of necessary drivers in the background. After the installation automatically completed, you handset will get right recognized.

OK, we have to stop. You might meet other issues when you connect your Droid DNA handset with PC. Just feel free to let us know the details and we would love to help. Find this post helpful? Kindly please share it on Facebook to let more users know.

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