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MotoCast software download for Motorola Droid RAZR

Posted in: Android,Droid RAZR,SoftwareApril 28, 2012
MotoCast software download for Motorola Droid RAZR


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Verizon Wireless has recently launched the lastest 6.12.181.XT912 software update for their Motorola Droid RAZR smartphone users. You might have already gotten the OTA update prompt. As a matter of fact, you can also update your Droid RAZR software via the MotoCast software if you have downloaded and installed it into your PC. What is the MotoCast software? How does it work for my Droid RAZR? Ok, let us view these issues first.

MotoCast software is a free app for your PC or Mac. It gives you access to the media and files on your computer wherever you go. Play your entire collection of music and videos on your mobile device over Wi-Fi and cellular 3G / 4G networks. Easily move media between your phone and computer. MotoCast software enables you to bring your music, photos, videos, and documents with you, wherever you go.

MotoCast software provides two different ways for you to transfer/sync your files. Wireless mode and USB mode. First you should download and install it into your PC. In Wireless mode, you should connect your Droid RAZR and your powered on PC via Wi-Fi or other affordable data connection. In USB mode, what you need to do is just to connect your device with PC via supplied usb cable then it will start automatically to prompt what you should do next.

Ok, all clear about these. Where can I get the lastest supplied working for my Motorola Droid RAZR? No problem at all. Try this navigation to free download now.

If you have more queries about this MotoCast software for your Droid RAZR, just feel free to let us know or read these following related posts.

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