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Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2, which one is better?

Posted in: iPad 2,Review,XOOMApril 6, 2011
Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2, which one is better?

Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2, which one is better?


Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2,xoom vs ipad

motorola xoom vs iPad 2, i pad 2 vs motorola xoom

which one is better

Motorola XOOM, as you have known, is a 4G LTE upgradeable, 10.1-inch HD widescreen display, 3D Experience, 1 GHz dual-core processor, Fully Flash-enabled, Waived Activation Fee. Limited Time Only. Yes, you have known its detailed features and specs since you were about to buy one. While, the headache is that. You are, on some extent, fascinated by this new iPad 2 table. It is much thinner, faster, lighter than you excepted.

So that is the question you are asking. iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM, which one is better? A guy shared his opinion on this topic. “It is hard to say” said the guy, ” since these two different table has different selling point. For example,  Motorola XOOM owns the excellent Gmail app because it powered by Goolge Android and the aspect ratio of the screen makes it perfect for watching movies. While the iPad 2 is much thinner, faster, lighter than the Motorola XOOM table, so it is pretty hard for me to make a choice”.

While, another guy took the thinner, faster, lighter guy-iPad 2 side obviously. What he told is that even though the Motorola XOOM has some better specs (better cameras, more ram, for example), you should not look down on the iPad 2 table. He hold the view that specs aren’t everything, it’s more the experience than anything else. The iPad 2 has 65000 apps available, and that’s not including all of the iPhone apps it can run as well. He said the Motorola XOOM is a bit sluggish. “to be frank, i prefer the iPad 2 table and am about to buy one” , said the guy.

Ok, personal to say, I pay much interest into the Android tableMotorola XOOM. Maybe I am an addict of Android device. I use the Android cellphone- LG Vortex. It do work really well as I expected. To the point, the Motorola XOOM table is the first tablet powered by Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)-That is my ideal. The other hand, the Motorola XOOM runs on the Verizon Wireless 3G network. Once available, you can upgrade to 4G LTE for free without having to buy a new device. At last, the better hardware, battery life and camera with flash. If I were you, without doubt, I would vote to Motorola XOOM table and buy one.

Now, do you have any idea of which one you really want? Motorola XOOM or iPad 2? More features and specs about these two tables, navigate the following link.

Motorola XOOM features

iPad 2 features

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