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Samsung Fascinate usb driver download

Posted in: brandSeptember 28, 2010
Samsung Fascinate usb driver download

Samsung Fascinate usb driver download


Samsung Fascinate usb driver,

samsung fascinate usb driver, samsung fascinate driver download

Samsung Fascinate? Already gotten one? Welcome to join in us. Let us talk something about your new Verizon cellphoneSamsung Fascinate together. Our talking about is Samsung Fascinate usb driver. Interested? Let us move on. The usb driver must be installed properly so that you can connect to your device between your PC. Then you may upload your personal file, such as, picture, music, video and so on. Following you will be given a download link for the Samsung Fascinate usb driver. Seen the download button? Ok, go ahead.

Samsung Fascinate usb driver

Meet some troubles when linking in the navigation? Let us know how we can help you. If you want to know more about how to handle your Samsung Fascinate, do not forget to let us know. See you next time. This is and we are sharing about is Samsung Fascinate usb driver.

Samsung Fascinate usb driver:

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  • I am having hard time in downloading USB drive of fasciate in my did not come up with a CD or anything.and it keeps saying its not recognizing it.what can i do? can anyone help?

    Comment by monica — October 18, 2010

  • can this usb driver download link work? but someone tell me they can get the usb driver and it can work properly..any probelm with your device?

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — October 18, 2010

  • i figured it out.sorry for the last comment.problem solved :).

    Comment by monica — October 18, 2010

  • Monica, what did you do to solve it? I have the same problem and I just got my phone 2 days ago. Please let me know.

    Comment by Uli — November 9, 2010

  • F U! I just want to download the usb driver so i CAN GET PICTURES OFF THE PHONE AND sAMSUNG SENDS ME ON A GGOGLE LEADS gdmf advertising wild goose chase. I’m bringing the phone back and will never purchase a samsung phone again. FU!

    Comment by hh — January 4, 2011

  • I’m having the same problem as Monica and Uli. I’m trying to tether my facinate. When I go to connect my phone to my computer it promts me to install driver but then it tells me to insert a disc? I’m stuck at this point. Does anyone know the solution?

    Comment by OW — February 9, 2011

  • Hi Uli and OW, just click on the samsung fascinate usb driver at top in yellow will direct to download.hope it works :).

    Comment by Monica — July 26, 2011

  • do it works?

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — August 14, 2011

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