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Samsung Intensity II usb driver download

Posted in: Driver,Intensity,OtherJuly 31, 2010
Samsung Intensity II usb driver download


Intensity II usb driver, sch-u460 driver

When talking about a new device, users may pay more attention to the usb driver and user guide. So do theĀ  Samsung Intensity II. Theusb driver must be installed properly so that you can create a connection between your device and pc. You can upload your personal data and download what you love with the usb driver. Have you gotten the usb driver for your Samsung Intensity II?

Obtaining usb driver here:

Intensity II usb driver

Note: Inetensity II usb drivers are included in both the Verizon Wireless Mobile Office Kit and Music Essentials Kit. To purchase a kit, please visit the online store. Kits may also be purchased from your local Verizon Wireless retail store. More need, welcome to feedback.

Samsung Intensity II picture:

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  • Upon receiving a call, to limit cutting off the ring, turning on the camera or loosing the call, it is required the phone be handled like a tird. Take it out your pocket with two fingers. Where is the program to get the pictures off the camera on the phone?

    Comment by Dean S. Derby — December 19, 2010

  • My Samsung Intensity II is stuck with the screen stating USB Download Mode – Bootlock Version. I cannot turn the phone on or off or change the screen…any suggestions

    Comment by Pat — April 30, 2011

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