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Tips: how to set Samsung Convoy phone lock code

Posted in: Convoy,Other,Tips & TricksApril 23, 2012
Tips: how to set Samsung Convoy phone lock code


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Strictly speaking, it would advance your device security when you set phone lock code for your Samsung Convoy cellphone as these following words guided. Generally, the default lock code is the last 4 digits of the mobile phone number. Your device enables you to change it as you perfered. If you are searching for this tip, let us talk about it together.

Tips: how to set Samsung Convoy phone lock code (more…)

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Tips: how to hard reset Samsung Convoy to factory settings

Posted in: Convoy,Other,Top questions
Tips: how to hard reset Samsung Convoy to factory settings


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It is pretty nice today with a lot of fun. When I just browsed few pages concerning with the cellphones, it hit my brain trying to search for few information about the classical flip cellphone- Samsung Convoy. How to perform a hard reset to Samsung Convoy cellphone properly have come to be the hot point. Users want to restore their devices to factory data when it works not so quickly. Therefore, we blogged a post that aims at providing supports to complete hard reset your Samsung Convoy cellphone to factory settings. If you need this tip, just feel free to read.

Note: It will delete all your data and downloads after you’ve done the hard restore, you had better backup your important data first. (more…)

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Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications

Posted in: Convoy,Other,ReviewJanuary 2, 2010
Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications

In order to mastering your Convoy (SCH-U640) better, you must have a good command of  the specifications. You may think that the manual can work. Yes, that’s right. However, it’s necessary for you to be familiar with the specifications. Why not read the following words? We have listed several pictures over the specifications. We introduced the features hierarchically. We keep in mind that you can contral your Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) more wonderful. May you succeed.

Display Specifications

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-display


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Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy manual pdf download

Posted in: Convoy,Other,User manualDecember 27, 2009
Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy manual pdf download


samsung convoy user manual

samsung convoy manual

Samsung Convoy user guide pdf

For these all Samsung  SCH-U640 Convoy cellphone users, you can download the lasest PDF manual file from following download navigation. For your reference, it would be better for you to consult with user manual to setup your Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy. Get all things ready? Let us go ahead.

Click here to download now. (more…)

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Verizon Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy review

Posted in: Convoy,Other,ReviewNovember 10, 2009
Verizon Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy review

VerizonSamsung SCH-U640 Convoy, maybe you have already known a lot about it. The appearance, the device, the function and price maybe have hit you. Now our guy will make a detailed review about the upcoming Verizon cell phones-Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy.

  • Easy-to-use, highly tactile, full QWERTY keyboard and touch-sensitive trackpad for reliable, responsive typing and navigation
  • 256 MB flash memory and 528 MHz next generation processor for enhanced performance
  • Supports voice-activated dialing and Bluetooth (version 2.1), with support for hands-free headsets, car kits, stereo headsets and other Bluetooth peripherals


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Verizon will release Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy

Posted in: Convoy,News,OtherJuly 25, 2009
Verizon will release Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy

Recently we have gotten news from phonearena that Verizon will release Samsung SCH-U640 Convoy, which predicts a smartphone. As for Verizon wireless haven’t announced any offical introuctions about the futuristic smartphone, we couldn’t bring detailed descriptions out. But it can be sure that the smartphone supports Bluetooth ,Music player ,Memory slot  and Speakerphone, E-mail, which are the basic feature. 3G enables you to surf in the internet more convenient and comfortable.As to the release date, it’s still unsure.

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