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Three upcoming Verizon cell phones 2010 leaked out

Posted in: NewsDecember 19, 2009
Three upcoming Verizon cell phones 2010 leaked out

Cheer up! Verizon cellphone lovers, look, what we have prepared for you. We got news that three new smartphones have been listed in VerizonWireless upcoming cell phones 2010 lineup. What’re they? They are Windows Mobile-powered LG VS750, the Android-based Motorola Devour A555 and the Palm Pre Plus. Why not we talk something about these upcoming Verizon cell phones 2010? ok, let’s go ahead.

LG VS750 – LG’s first smartphone  launched by  Verizon Wireless. Running Windows Mobile 6.5 and with both CDMA and GSM on board for global roaming, it is advisable choice for all those business-oriented, world travelers.

Motorola A555 Devour–  many users may think of Motorola Calgary.  The Devour will be the DROID’s successor and be available in early 2010 with Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR and a 3 megapixel camera. We feel sorry that there’s no live photos for you, but you are lilely to be familiar with this phone:

upcoming Verizon cell phones 2010-Motorola Calgary

Palm Pre Plus– Verizon’s first webOS device.Do you know the meaning of words “Plus” ?It was chosen by the marketing department as a way to distinguish the Verizon Pre from the Sprint Pre. Maybe it’s improved Palm Pre. Hope this news can interest you and share with your friends.

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