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Tips: Droid RAZR unable to establish connection with network

Posted in: Android,Droid RAZR,Top questionsNovember 13, 2011
Tips: Droid RAZR unable to establish connection with network

Tips: Droid RAZR unable to establish connection with network


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Smartphone usually perfects itself with these abundant apps you’ve downloaded and installed. So you should have the afford and quick WiFi connection to drive your into the Internet any time and any place. We are here to support you when your Motorola Droid RAZR is unable to establish connection with the wireless network. If you find it helpful for you, try to read and fix your issue up by yourself.

Tips: Droid RAZR unable to establish connection with network

  • The wireless network may not be in range or has too of a weak signal to provide a successful connection. Check the signal bar to ensure you have strong connection.
  • Re-enter the key on the phone to match the key configured on the router. Make sure that the encryption type and security settings match on the router and phone.
  • If WEP encryption is in use, check that the key configured on the router matches the key entered on the phone.
  • The wireless network you’re attempting to connect to may be configured for static IP addresses only. Check with the system administrator for an IP address assignment.
  • Unplug the power from your router, turn the phone off. Plug back in your router first, then wait for 1 minute and then turn on your phone.

Try these solutions one by one and check whether it works for you. If it helps, please feedback to us.

If they all work nothing useful for you, please let us know your trouble clearly.

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