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Tips: hard reset Samsung Stratosphere

Posted in: Android,Stratosphere,Top questionsOctober 25, 2011
Tips: hard reset Samsung Stratosphere

Tips: hard reset Samsung Stratosphere


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We are here to provide the solution when sometimes your new Samsung Stratosphere smartphone do not run so smart and quick, you could hard reset your device to factory setting. Follow with us to complete the hard reset process.

Tips: hard reset Samsung Stratosphere

Preferred method

  1. From the home screen, select Applications.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. From the Personal data section, select Factory data reset.
  5. Select Reset phone.
    Note If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern.
  6. Select Erase everything.
    Note Allow up to 2 minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.
  7. Refer to your user manual for setup guide if you need the support.

If your phone did not give you access to perform a hard reset via setting as the steps above. You can choose the alternative method.

  1. Long press the Power button.
  2. Select Power off.
  3. With the slide closed, long press the Volume up button + Volume down button + Power button.
  4. When the SAMSUNG logo appears on the device screen, release Power button.
  5. Select wipe data / factory reset.
    Note Utilize the Volume Up / Down buttons to highlight and the Home key to select.
  6. Press the Volume up button.
  7. Select reboot system now.
    Note Utilize the Volume Up / Down buttons to highlight and the Home key to select.
    System recovery menu with reboot system now
  8. As well, you can consult with your user guide for further setup.

Do this post help? If your Samsung Stratosphere smartphone still run not so properly, do not forget to let us know. We will endeavor to help.

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  • Trying to do a hard reset on my samsung stratosphere but it keeps asking for password at the end after pressing the volume up to reset

    Comment by Sean — January 18, 2012

  • maybe you’ve set password that you need to be checked the identity when you hard reset your device. well, it is possible with this kind of case, Samsung had set the password in before it come out of the factory, sometimes, the password is simple as’d better give a cellphone to Samsung online

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — February 24, 2012

  • In order to over ride the password on Samsung Stratosphere after factory reset has been performed and it still asks for password…..type in wrong password like 20 or more times back to back…the system will finally give in and finally allow you to factory reset…hit home button then reboot…try it..glad i can help you out

    Comment by Cellphone Expert MJG — September 5, 2012

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