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Tips: how to activate Motorola Droid X 2?

Posted in: NewsJune 9, 2011
Tips: how to activate Motorola Droid X 2?

Tips: how to activate Motorola Droid X 2?

When it comes to a smartphone, generally, you will get trouble that you are not be able to activate your phone. As well, with no exception of your new Motorola Droid X 2 cellphone. In order to keep yourself out of confusion when your Motorola Droid X 2 do not work so well, have you ever given more thought to being familiar with how to activate it? Yes, I have. If you have not been in the case of you were unable to activate your cellphone, as well, you have some approach to get round it, you do not need to remeber them downlad. If you have been hit by this headache and want to get rid of it, that is why we here.

If you are unable to activate your cellphone, first of all, you should check your Motorola Droid X 2 cellphone system settings.

If you see the “No Signal” icon in your notification screen like below proceed with these steps to ensure you have the appropriate settings:



  1. From any DROID X2 homescreen screen, press the Menu hard key.
  2. Touch Wireless & network settings
  3. Touch Mobile Networks
  4. Touch System Select
  5. Touch Automatic
  6. Press the back button
  7. Check the signal strength indicator, if the “No Signal” icon is gone, proceed to activate the phone.


I have get it done and I really relieve myself much. That sounds so nice.

If you are still have any trouble and your cellphone still can be activated, do not forget to let us know. We are here to diagnose your device.

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