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Tips: how to backup on Motorola XOOM (os:Windows XP/Vista)?

Posted in: brandMarch 18, 2011
Tips: how to backup on Motorola XOOM (os:Windows XP/Vista)?

Tips: how to backup on Motorola XOOM (os:Windows XP/Vista)?


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This is Backuping these files you downloaded seem to be necessary thing you have to do. How can I get it done properly? I am afraid of making mistakes. Backing up your personal folders stored on your Motorola XOOM is easy.  A simple Drag & Drop of your files and folders allows you to quickly back-up or move files to and from your PC. You can get it done by yourself. Follow with these step-by-step instruction below.

Wait!  These steps you are reading is just for Windows XP/Vista OS, if you are other OS users, you will be given other instruction suitable for your PC OS. You will find them in the following related posts.

  1. Plug the USB cable into your Motorola XOOM and then plug the USB cable into the PC.
  2. You are asked to install the usb driver when you connect to the PC first time. Click continue to finish the installing when you receive any dialogue boxes.  Download and install this Motorola XOOM usb driver in this page.
  3. Once the drivers have been loaded.  The PC will recognize the Motorola XOOM table as a portable media player.  You can click on the  My Computer  icon.  Click on the Motorola XOOM portable media player.Image

  4. The device storage hard drive will display,  double click on the Device Storage hard drive to view the files and folders stored on the device.Image

  5. To copy all the files and folders,  click on  Edit  and then choose  Select All.Image

  6. This will highlight all the files and folders stored on the device,  next click on  Edit  and then choose  Copy to Folder.Image

  7. In the  Copy Items  dialogue box, click on the  Make New Folder  button.   A new folder will be displayed,  werecommend you rename this folder to  Motorola XOOM Back-Up.Image

  8. The final step is to select the  Copy button.Image

You personal files are now copied to a back-up folder on your computer.  To restore the files back to your Motorola XOOM you can plug in the Motorola XOOM to the PC. Click on the Motorola XOOM Back-up folder and drag & drop the files and folders to the Motorola XOOM Device Storage.

Ok, have you finished it? If you get any trobules, just let us know. We are glad to help. For the other PC os, read these related posts below.


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