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Tips: how to block crank or unwanted call on LG Cosmos Touch?

Posted in: Cosmos Touch,Other,Tips & TricksAugust 15, 2011
Tips: how to block crank or unwanted call on LG Cosmos Touch?

This is in If you have been troubled crank or unwanted call and messages for a so long time. If it really made you crazy, what’s worse, it bothered your sleeping time or working space. If you……. Well, If you do want to¬†block these crank or unwanted calls and messages, your trouble stop here now. Follow with these words below, prevent yourself and your families from crank calls and messages.

First of all, you should navigate into Verizon Wireless to scroll to Usage Controls for further steps. Do not logout the page and do according to the following steps.

  1. Click Add Blocked Numbers.
  2. Click Add Blocks.
  3. Select the option then click Add.
    • Block Restricted, Unavailable and Private Numbers
    • Block Outgoing 411 Directory Assistance Calls
    • Name & Phone Number
      Name is not required.

This step we were talking about is comptabile with LG Cosmos Touch cellphone. For the compatibility, contact us Verizon Wireless service. It should work with other device.

Do this really overthrowed what had annoyed you? If it did, share to let more users benefit. As well, you will enjoy it when you change your experiences and stories with them.

More trouble troubling you, let us help.


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