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Tips: how to change password on Samsung Continuum?

Posted in: brandApril 18, 2011
Tips: how to change password on Samsung Continuum?

Tips: how to change password on Samsung Continuum?

Hi, there! This is in Now, it is our sharing time. If you find what we are talking about helpful for you, you are very welcome to join in us. Ok, go ahead. If you are a Samsung Continuum cellphone user, youdo concern about this question of how to change or remove password on Samsung Continuum. While, that is what we really want to say. Read the following guide step about how to change password on Samsung Continuum.

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Tips: how to change password on Samsung Continuum:

  1. From the home screen, select Applications.
    Home screen applications
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Location & security.
    Location & Security
  4. Select Change unlock pattern.
    Note The pattern drawn in the images below is only an example.
    Security with Change pattern
  5. Draw the current pattern.
    Confirm pattern
  6. Draw a new pattern on the screen connecting at least four dots then select Continue.
    Draw an unlock pattern screen with Continue
  7. Re-draw the new pattern then select Confirm.
    Draw pattern again screen with Confirm

Via: Verizon Support

As a cellphone user guide, we should place emphasize on protecting your password on your Samsung Continuum cellphone. Anyway, it would be much of inconvenience for you if you lost or forget it.

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