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Tips: how to charge battery on LG Octane

Posted in: Octane,Other,Tips & TricksOctober 30, 2010
Tips: how to charge battery on LG Octane

Tips: how to charge battery on LG Octane


LG Octane charge battery,

LG Octane charge battery

This is When it comes to a new cellphone, personally, we find it important to know how to charge battery properly. If you pay more attention and mind to take care of your battery on new LG Octane, that is to say, you did a good job to extend your battery life. Ok, let us move on to how to charge battery on LG Octane properly.

LG Octane charge battery

  1. To charge your phone, turn off the phone. Gently lift the cover off of the charging port on the right side of the phone.
  2. Insert the end of the USB data cable into the phone’s charger port, making sure that the LG symbol faces down. Plug the charger into a wall outlet.Note: The charge time varies depending on the battery level.
  3. Wait until a message appears saying “Charge complete” or the battery meter has full bars.
  4. Remove the charger from the wall outlet and then remove the USB data cable from the phone’s charging port.

Note: do not charge unless there is few power in your battery and wait for the run out time.

LG Octane charge battery is a easy topic, however, it do make difference to your LG Octane.

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  • Purchased two Octanes from Verizon on 11-5-10, taking them back tonight. Horrible echos cannot hear the other person nor they you. Echo on both sides, the caller hears themself and the person receiving the call also hears themself. Will find out more tonight about the problem.

    Comment by Sherry — November 11, 2010

  • is the wireless ok?

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — November 12, 2010

  • I bought the Octane a two month ago and have been fairly happy with it so far. The biggest issue I have with it is the horrible echo problem. People who call me complain constantly that they can hear their own voice when talking to me. This is especially problematic because I use my phone for work. I have had to hang up and call people back from land lines. Additionally, the screen has now frozen while loading an internet page. I can’t even turn the phone off, and can’t get the back off to get the battery out. The qwerty key board and the mobile email are nice features, but features I can get with other phones without dealing with the annoying echo and slug-speed internet.

    Comment by Becky — December 13, 2010

  • how do you remove the back?

    Comment by halz — March 27, 2011

  • Which battery is the best to hold a charge on my Octane, seems to go down way to fact, a day or 1/2 of the next day, just wondering if their is a better battery???

    Comment by Dick and Rene'e Mattson — July 10, 2011

  • read more tips about how to extend device battery life.. it is so stupid and bothering to hold one device that has poor battery life..

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — August 14, 2011

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