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Tips: how to download and use ringtone on Motorola Citrus

Posted in: NewsNovember 20, 2010
Tips: how to download and use ringtone on Motorola Citrus

Tips: how to download and use ringtone on Motorola Citrus


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When talking about a new device, you should have idea of how set any of your own songs as a phone ringtone. How to customize the text message ringtone? How to customize the special message ringtone? How to download ringtones from ANDROID market? Ok, your questions are all in Will these following make a difference? Let us view the details.

1. Set any of your songs as a phone ringtone:

  • From the music player library, navigate to a song you want to use as a phone ringtone
  • Touch & hold the song in the list
  • Touch Use as phone ringtone. The ringtone is now set as your default incoming call ringtone

2. Personalize your ringtones:

  • From the Applications menu touch Settings
  • Touch Sound & display
  • Touch Phone ringtone or Notification ringtone and select a ringtone

3. Customize the text message ringtone

  • From the Applications menu, touch Messaging
  • Press the Menu button
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Select Ringtones

    CLICK HERE for details on using a custom ringtone for messages.

4. Assign a ringtone to a contact:

  • From the Applications menu touch Contacts
  • Scroll to the desired Contact
  • Press the menu key
  • Touch Options
  • Scroll down and touch Ringtone
  • Choose a ringtone from the list and touch OK

5. Download ringtones from ANDROID market

  • From the Applications menu, touch Market
  • Touch search to search for ringtones

What else we can do concerning your phone ringtone? Email us or feedback.

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