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Tips: how to extend LG Revolution cellphone battery life?

Posted in: Android,Revolution,Top questionsSeptember 3, 2011
Tips: how to extend LG Revolution cellphone battery life?

Tips: how to extend LG Revolution cellphone battery life?


LG Revolution, extend battery life

Hi, there. Now you are here so that we might entitle this post as how to extend your LG Revolution cellphone battery life. Have you ever searched few tips that can support you to get long battery life? Have you viewed so many keywords and useless pages? If you have, your question will stop here. Generally, Android cellphones will take much more battery than other devices. As well, your LG Revolution cellphone enables you to experience large touchscreen and supplies you high-resolution pictures. On some extent, it needs more power. What’s more, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, enhanced web browsing and thousands of apps make it hard for your cellphone battery working so long time as you expected. However, changing the setting, you can make the things different.

What you are about to do is following with these tips. Visible changes will come.

Tips: how to extend LG Revolution cellphone battery life:

  1. Turn off any unnecessary running services, such as, WiFi connection, Bluetooth and GPS
  2. Lower your cellphone ringtone
  3. Adjusting display settings, reducing your cellphone screen brightness
  4. To charge your device battery properly. Do not use it when it is charging
  5. Less cellphone calls, playing game times and Internet time will help
  6. Setting turn on and turn off automatically.

Your LG Revolution cellphone can work up to 72 hours standby time. So how does your LG Revolution cellphone battery perform has a lot of thing to do with you.

If you have any other tips that still work, share to let more users know and benefit.

As well, you are very welcome to exchange your using experience, own apps, downloads, wallpapers and other files here with other users.

Make yourself more popular, let them know more about you.

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