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Tips: how to extend Motorola Droid BIONIC battery life

Posted in: Android,Droid Bionic,Top questionsSeptember 25, 2011
Tips: how to extend Motorola Droid BIONIC battery life

Tips: how to extend Motorola Droid BIONIC battery life


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Hello, you guys, welcome to our personal blog. Now you are in our share centre, here you can get verious tips and supports that support you to perfect your Verizon Wireless cellphone. We have posted several pages concerning your lastest 4G LTE smartphoneMotorola Droid BIONIC, including compatible usb driver, user manual download, tips of backup contacts, tips of move files and Google sync. If you find them helpful, they are free to view. Well, most users are caring about how to extend their Motorola Droid BIONIC smartphone battery life. With no wonder, smartphone ususally need much more power to run tasks and therefore users pay much more attention to the tips of how to extend the battery life.

If you have spent time Googling this tip and got nothing helpful but keywords or shit pages, your question will stop here. We summed up all the users’ experience and share and listed here. Hope it help to you.

Tips: how to extend Motorola Droid BIONIC battery life:

  • Your device enables you to see where the power is going so that you could master your battery at any time and any place: Tap Home > Menu >  Settings > Battery & data manager > Battery use.
  • Lower the display brightness. Set Brightness to Automatic or low: Tap Home > Settings > Display > Brightness
  • GPS usually takes much battery, turn off the GPS when you not use it.Tap Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Use GPS satellites and Use wireless networks uncheck.
  • Set WiFi and Bluethooth off when you not use them
  • Turn the animation off. Running Flash generally need more power, you might as well turn it off. Tap Home > Settings > Display > Animation > No animation
  • Shorter the screen back light duration will also help by blanking the screen when not in use
  • Use the Motorola Task Managers to control the app so that you can know how much battery it use
  • Less Internet pages will help since it takes much power to fresh the web pages
  • Less game and video chatting
  • As well, you will benefit from this Android Power Control Widget

Ok, that is all. If you find it not so informative than you expected, please let us know so that we could endeavor to improve and update. If you find it works a litte on some extent, share to let more users benefit.

As well, you are very welcome to share your own ways to extend the battery life. You will also make more friends in the same camp.

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