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Tips: how to remove app on LG Octane

Posted in: Octane,Other,Tips & TricksNovember 1, 2010
Tips: how to remove app on LG Octane

Tips: how to remove app on LG Octane


remove app on LG Octane,

remove app on LG Octane

Several hours ago, a guy had been kind enough to shared his ways to download apps on LG Octane. At the same time, we find it necessary to let users know how to remove an app on their LG Octane. If you are lucky enough to get one LG Octane, maybe what we are talking about is your searching point. Yeah? Let us come to the subject.

Remove app on LG Octane:

  1. To remove a downloaded application, press the OK Key [MENU].
  2. Press 5. Media Center.
  3. Select the category you would like to remove an application from, then press the OK Key.
  4. Highlight the application you would like to remove. Press the Right Soft Key [Options].
  5. Press 3. Remove or Cancel Subscription. Note: Option may vary depending on purchase of the full application or a recurring subscription.
  6. Select Yes and press the OK Key to delete the application.

Now you have known how to download app on your LG Octane and how to remove app on it. It seems that you can do a good job about how to use your device. If you find it a few difficut, why not download the user manual for your LG Octane. Where can I get the user guide, just link in this navigation.

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  • DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!! it is awful.

    Comment by Kate Coates — January 14, 2011

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