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Tips: how to set lock pattern on LG Vortex?

Posted in: Android,Tips & Tricks,VortexDecember 2, 2010
Tips: how to set lock pattern on LG Vortex?

Tips: how to set lock pattern on LG Vortex?


lock pattern on LG Vortex,

lock pattern on LG Vortex

Is it the time for us to talk something about how to handle your LG Vortex cellphone? You have downloaded the user manual pdf for your device. Now you should know how to be a real user. You need to know how to protcet your device. Following you will be given the details related to how to set lock pattern on LG Vortex. Can it be helpful for you? Let us know what the topic is your most concerned.

How to set lock pattern on LG Vortex:

  1. Press Mune key
  2. Tap Setting
  3. Tap Location & security
  4. Scroll to and tap Set up screen lock
  5. Tap Pattern
  6. Go through the instruction and tap Next
  7. Watch the example pattern and tap Next
  8. Draw your personal unlock Pattern
  9. Tap Continue
  10. Draw the pattern again to confirm
  11. Tap Confirm

Already done? We believe there is no difficulty for you to follow us. If you find there is something unclear for you, do not forget to let us know how to improve it.

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  • im,trying to lock my lg vortex but I cant Iwent through all the rull but can. You please help me :'(

    Comment by Zachary — June 20, 2011

  • you just can not try to lock your device? have you set something setting that can not allow yourself to lock your cellphone? Or you should hard reset your cellphone.

    Comment by verizon-cellphones — June 20, 2011

  • So I follow the steps to set up a screen lock but it constantly disappears and I am constantly having to set it up over and over again why is this? Needs to be fixed very frustrating!

    Comment by Brandy grogan — September 20, 2011

  • Help. My daughter got my phone and when I got it back she had somehow set up the gesture screen lock. Not the draw a pattern one but the one where u draw a gesture and then select what that will do. She’s seven, so she doesnt lnow what she did. But I can’t get into the phone unless I turn it off and on I wanted to know where in my phone can I find the gesture draw settings to disable this. Because then if I let the phone sit untouched it locks again. Then ill have to power off and on again. Please anyone plrase help! Thanks so much.

    Comment by heather — July 14, 2012

  • Anyone with info to above question please reply at and yes I am that desperate.

    Comment by heather — July 14, 2012

  • gesture screen lock? do you mean when your press the power button and then it will let you select: turn off device; lock screen and keys;normal mode;meeting mode;outdoors;remove card?

    Comment by Roy — July 15, 2012

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