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Tips: how to setup WiFi connection on LG Revolution?

Posted in: Android,Revolution,Tips & TricksSeptember 4, 2011
Tips: how to setup WiFi connection on LG Revolution?

Tips: how to setup WiFi connection on LG Revolution?


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Welcome here, now you are in my blog. Today, we gave my blog an update. We find there is few tips leaving out about how to perfect your LG Revolution cellphone. So we let it be here. If you have not got any detailed guide about how to setup WiFi connection on cellphone, you might as well give it a start and follow with these words below. If you have the afford WiFi connection service, it might be convenient for you to surf the Internet and chat with your friends.

Ok, let us learn.

Tips: how to setup WiFi connection on LG Revolution:

  1. From the Home screen, select Apps.
  2. Select Settings (under Tools).
  3. Select Wireless & networks.
  4. Select WiFi settings.
  5. Ensure WiFi is enabled then select Add WiFi network.
    • WiFi is enabled if a check mark is present for WiFi.
  6. Enter the Network SSID.
  7. Select thesecurity drop-down.
    Select the security drop-down
  8. Select the security option.
    Select the security option
  9. Select Save.
    • ┬áIf needed, enter the password or hex key.

Ok, have you finished it? If you meet any question about the connection, contact with us. Things will turn to be better when you know much more knowledges about how does your cellphonw work.

If you find these words hard for you to digest, let us know how to improve. We would appreciate it so much if you can give us any suggestions.

As well, let more users know about you. Sharing your own apps, downloads, tips and using experience with them.

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  • wifi wnot connect to my lg revol. all it sya is “disable” or “disconnect” under wifi and under my network. tried everything with veriz. tech support and even sent me another phone. still no good. called cisco router comp. wanted to charge $120.00. yes $120.00 freakin dollars to help me and dont even know if its going to work.
    went the steps you have here. put in password and took batt. out, and put it in. went to veriz. store was able to connect to their router no prob. i have the cisco linksys e2000 model router. my nephew’s phone and tablets works fine.. please help if you can.

    Comment by roum pen — November 8, 2011

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