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Tips: how to sync HTC Thunderbolt with PC?

Posted in: Android,ThunderBolt,Tips & TricksApril 9, 2011
Tips: how to sync HTC Thunderbolt with PC?

Tips: how to sync HTC Thunderbolt with PC?


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Hi, there! Welcome to If you are a HTC Thunderbolt cellphone user, sometimes, you may meet the trouble of syncing music on it and transfering pictures and video from it to your PC. So this topic of how to sync HTC Thunderbolt with PC may be of benefit for you. A user who was kind enough shared the way he did. Read the following words to enlarge your ability.

More tips about how to handle your HTC Thunderbolt cellphone, try this navigation link.

Tips: how to sync HTC Thunderbolt with PC:

  1. Make sure the SD card is in the phone. If it is not, insert your card.
  2. Tap settings… applications… developement… and check ON USB debugging… very important!
  3. Connect your cellphone to PC via usb cable
  4. Swing down notification bar then click usb icon
  5. Choose Mass Storage Mode
  6. Phone may power cycle also. If this is your first time to connect your cellphone with your PC, you are asked to install the htc thunderbolt driver onto pc/laptop/mac. This takes about 3-5 mintues.
  7. After all that is done, open your windows media player. It should read the thunderbolt, go to sync tab and sync. WMP will also sync your videos and pics too if you choosed to do that. If not, only mp3s will sync to SD card Music folder, sync usally takes about 20-40 minutes, depending on your library.
  8. If pictures and videos didn’t sync with WMP. You can do it manually.
  • Open the pictures and videos files on your pc.
  • Go to MY Computer, like a USB jump drive, your phone is now an “extra” drive listed… click it… copy/paste you pics to the “picture” folder on the phone… copy/paste videos to Video folder on the phone… after all that… disconnect phone… POWERCYCLE (always nice to do that after any transfer to make sure data is stored correctly and not defragmented by user data after the disconnect)

This HTC Thunderbolt cellphone sync software may be helpful for you. It is here.

Ok, that is the way you want. If you find it hard to digest, let us know how to make it clear and easy for you. This is, however, a user’s experience. If you want to get professional guide, download the HTC Thunderbolt user manual PDF and obtain hands. Does this entry help? Share with your friends on Facebook or Digg it.

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