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Tips: how to transfer music to your LG Cosmos Touch memory card?

Posted in: Cosmos Touch,Other,Tips & TricksAugust 13, 2011
Tips: how to transfer music to your LG Cosmos Touch memory card?

I am fascinated with musics, however, I do not have an iPod that can support me to enjoy my music life. What should I do? Aha, come on. There is no need to complain with shortcomings. Every Verizon Wireless cellphone might enable you to entertain yourself and relieve yourself. No matter what you are doing and where you are, there will have easy life with handing on your cellphone. How to transfer music to your cellphone memory card? How to extend and exchange your device feature as an iPod working. Easy to be done with following instructions.

Before you start, you need to be sure the memory card has been formatted on the handset and inserted into the computer. Protected music files must be transferred using Windows Media Player or V CAST Music with Rhapsody via a sync cable.

  1. From the keyboard, press the Windows+E ( windows key logo+E) keys to access Windows Explorer.
    Windows Explorer may also be accessed by right-clicking Start then click Explore.
  2. Locate then open the desired folder.
  3. Ensure the desired song(s) are selected then from the top menu, click Edit > Copy.
  4. Locate then open the music folder on the memory card.
    Typically labeled as My_Music, My_MP3 or Audio.
  5. From the top menu, click Edit > Paste.

How many songs that can be stored into your LG Cosmos Touch memory card depands on the memory capacity.

As well, you can transfer other data, such as, Txt files, Video files and pictures using this method.

Make sure that you have no question about this. If you have any question, do not forget to let us know, We are here to help.

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