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Tips: how to use Facebook on Motorola Droid Pro

Posted in: brandNovember 23, 2010
Tips: how to use Facebook on Motorola Droid Pro

Tips: how to use Facebook on Motorola Droid Pro


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Motorola Droid Pro facebook widget,

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So many widgets and apps can be available on your new Motorola Droid Pro cellphone. Google Apps, Facebook, and several games. We are sharing the way refered to how to use Facebook on Motorola Droid Pro. If you find it can be helpful to you, read the details and follow the instruction. Ok, let us move on.

There are several ways to set-up and access Facebook:

A. Set up Facebook as a Social Network to automatically receive updates and messages through your homescreen widgets.To add Facebook to your Social Networking Accounts:

  1. Pull up your Applications menu and selectMy Accounts
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Tap on Facebook
  4. Sign into your Facebook account as normal and press next to sync.

CLICK HERE for inforamation on how to add widgets on your Motorola Droid Pro cellphone.

B. Download a Facebook Application from the Android Marketplace.

Navigate into this link to view the instructions on how to download an Android Marketplace Application like Facebook.

C. Use your phone’s internet browser to access the Facebook website just like from your computer.

Facebook is a preloaded bookmark for the DROID PRO Android Browser.

  1. Tap on your Browser icon to begin to access the internet.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Select Bookmarks
  4. Tap on existingFacebook bookmark to visit the Facebook website
  5. Log in to website with your existing Facebook credentials.

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