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Tips: how to use HTC Rhyme Sync software

Posted in: Android,Rhyme,Tips & TricksOctober 11, 2011
Tips: how to use HTC Rhyme Sync software

Tips: how to use HTC Rhyme Sync software


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If you have already downloaded and installed this Sync software compatible with your HTC Rhyme smartphone into your PC, it is high time that you should learn how to use this HTC Sync software to synce or transfer files. Whether it will help or not, we pretty welcome you to join in us here. Maybe, you have something different.

Tips: how to use HTC Rhyme Sync software

  1. Set connection between your HTC Rhyme cellphone and you PC using the supported USB cable.
  2. Then you will receive a prompt to tell you to choose a pattern of USB connection, tap HTC Sync, and then tap Done.
  3. Do not move the USB cable until this HTC Sync to recognize your phone. On the Device setup screen, enter a name for your phone.
  4. Click Save to complete your cellphone
  5. The Device panel then opens. On the Device panel, you can set your sync options, check your phone’s general information, check the used and available space on your storage card.
  6. Choose these files you want to synced and begin the synchronization.

Do not forget to consult with your user guide for further reference.

As a matter of fact, your PC generally supports you to transfer files without this Sync software. However, it will smart you and help a lot via this Sync software.

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