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Tips: Samsung Galaxy Nexus call volume issue,minish volume

Posted in: Android,Galaxy Nexus,Tips & TricksMarch 20, 2012
Tips: Samsung Galaxy Nexus call volume issue,minish volume

Tips: Samsung Galaxy Nexus call volume issue,minish volume


Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume, call volume max, minish galaxy nexus volume

My Samsung Galaxy Nexus in-call volume is totally maxed. I have attempted to lower it, but it turned out to be that I can not adjust it at all. In addition of, I can move up and down of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus rocker and I have never downloaded and installed any other third party sound manager applications. Is there anything wrong with the hardware? Is this the case what you are suffering from? In Verizon Wireless community, these kind guys who have the same volume issue with their Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones shared their suggestions. Whether it is useful or not, we’d better endeavor to try.

Tips: how to minish Samsung Galaxy Nexus call volume issue

Solution 1: Provided by Ann, he suggested that try to use an app called Sound Manager to adjust all the various volume levels in the device including the in-call volume. But no details about this Sound Manager app available. You have the story to tell with us, kindly please let us know.

Solution 2: Provided by one Wireless Employee, he adviced that we should run in Safe Mode and then uninstall any third party volume manager apps. If you have installed Google voice and Csip app into your Samsung Galaxy Nexus, try to uninstall them.

If you have any ideas, kindly please help us. Any suggestion will make a difference. It is do making us crazy. By the way, anyone know whether this upcoming Android 4.0.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will improve and enhance this call volume issue or not?

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