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Tips: Samsung Stratosphere phone unlock

Posted in: Android,Stratosphere,Tips & TricksOctober 31, 2011
Tips: Samsung Stratosphere phone unlock

Tips: Samsung Stratosphere phone unlock


Samsung Stratosphere phone unlock,

Samsung Stratosphere unlock pattern,

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We are hereĀ  to provide the solution if you have trouble about your Samsung Stratosphere cellphone unlock pattern. Try to read these following words.

Tips: Samsung Stratosphere phone unlock

  1. Press the Power button.
  2. Draw the current Unlock pattern.
    Note If the pattern is unknown, enter an incorrect pattern 5 times.
  1. If presented, select OK.
    Unlock failed with OK
  2. Select Forgot pattern.
    Unlock screen with Forgot pattern
  3. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields then select Sign in:
    Note If the Google account information is unknown, refer to this pagefor assistance.
  • Username (email)
  • Password
  • Draw a pattern on the screen connecting at least four dots then select Continue.
  • Re-draw the pattern then select Confirm.

Ok, does this help for you? If you still have any other trouble, let us know. We will endeavor to help.

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