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Verizon launching Motorola LTE cellphone

Posted in: NewsDecember 23, 2010
Verizon launching Motorola LTE cellphone

Verizon launching Motorola LTE cellphone


Verizon launching Motorola LTE cellphone, Verizon releasing Motorola LTE, upcoming Motorola LTE cellphone

Thanks to Wall Street Journal who lets us know what Verizon Wireless COO John Stratton stated on Tuesday. A LTE cellphone would come to their consumers soon carried by the most productive and reliable carrier-Verizon Wireless. According to the Wall Street Journal, we know that Verizon and Vadophone have issued its high-speed, fourth-generation network earlier this month, but has yet to introduce any mobile phones that can use it. The network, which employs a technology called Long-Term Evolution, promises wireless Internet connections that are as fast as land-based cable modems or fiber optic technology.

So Motorola would be so smart to get this access to cooperate with these two guys above. Then a new Motorola LTE cellphone would be there. Ok, so much you should read. Want to get the details about what we was talking about. Link in the page.


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