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Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications

Posted in: Convoy,Other,ReviewJanuary 2, 2010
Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications

In order to mastering your Convoy (SCH-U640) better, you must have a good command of  the specifications. You may think that the manual can work. Yes, that’s right. However, it’s necessary for you to be familiar with the specifications. Why not read the following words? We have listed several pictures over the specifications. We introduced the features hierarchically. We keep in mind that you can contral your Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) more wonderful. May you succeed.

Display Specifications

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-display

Bluetooth Specifications

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-bluetooth

Media Specification

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-media

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-media

Network And SAR Value Specifications

Verizon Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) Specifications-Network And SAR Value

We are sorry that we have to stop now. If you can’t read these specifications clearly, why not try the following link? There are detailed and enough information about all kinds of features.


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  • When I answer my flip phone immediatly after I am done talking and close the phone the phone shuts down automatically to the off position.

    Comment by james mays — March 30, 2010

  • I am sorry to hear that, but I have really got the trouble….
    but i can do nothing helpful! try to find hand in samsung site. please link here

    Comment by admin — March 31, 2010

  • My fiance has the same problem with this phone. I got it for him Christmas 09. The phone worked fine for a few months then it started shutting down automatically when he flipped it shut. He has had 3 convoy phones sent fedex to replace the malfunctioning phone and a new battery. all of the phones they sent do the same thing! And none of the “equivalent” phones are liked very weel byb my fiance :( Looks like we will be porting all 4 of our verizon lines to another carrier since they can’t fix the problem, unless somebody has a solution?

    Comment by Amanda — January 8, 2011

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